The Wedding Rescue (Complete series) by Alexa Wilder

As always, Facebook ads for Amazon books are the reason I find out about the deals for so many great books. No seriously, there are THOUSANDS of free or discounted books. And that is exactly how I found this great book series. Here we go.


The Wedding Rescue, the hot and sexy series by Alexa Wilder, is now available as a complete series. For the first time you can read all five books in one volume!

She thinks she’s not his type. He’s determined to prove her wrong.

Leigha Carmichael is used to the quiet life. A junior accountant by day, she knows girls like her don’t have exciting lives. She’s smart, shy and her curvy body doesn’t fit in among the beauty queens of Las Vegas. Still reeling from her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal, Leigha’s sworn off all men. Except she has a huge problem, and only the right man can solve it.
The moment he sees her across a crowded bar, Dylan Kane knows he wants her. And Dylan Kane always gets what he wants. Especially when the object of his desire is sitting in his own casino. She’s nothing like the skinny, overly made up women he’s used to. From her clear gray eyes to her luscious curves, Leigha is the real thing. Exactly the change of pace he’s been looking for. And even better, she needs something from him. With the bargain he has in mind, they’ll both get exactly what they want.
In the few days she’s his, Dylan plans to take control of every delectable inch of Leigha’s body. But when the weekend is over, will he be able to let her go?

**This hot and steamy alpha billionaire romance is perfect for fans of Hannah Ford, Lila Monroe, Cassie Cross and J.S. Scott**


I saw her across a crowded room. It’s such a cliché, especially for me. I see beautiful women across crowded rooms all the time. The Delecta was my casino, and she was sitting at my bar.
It’s hard to say what made me stop. She wasn’t a showgirl or a model, and nothing like the tall, skinny, overly made up women I was accustomed to. No, she was something else. She was real.
When was the last time I’d had real? Real curves, generous enough to have her hips straining the seams of her navy blue dress. Real tits. Had to be. They were soft and full, even from a distance. They, too, strained against her dress. Mouthwatering. And her lips. A plump bow, ready to open for me. I had to see more.

-Via GoodReads


As you can tell, this book has several books to it, five actually. But before you start to freak out and think, “how could one possibly get through five books,” you should probably know that they’re very short. So short in fact that I got threw two and a half in just a few hours.  While I enjoyed the story as it is, it may have been better to just keep the story in one book instead of five. But that’s just me.

In the Alpha Billionaires Club series, there are three “whole” books. I say “whole” because, just like The Wedding Rescue, the other books are divided into several mini-books. Each focusing on one of the three mega-sexy alpha billionaires: Dylan Kane, Axel Sinclair, and Sam Logan. Anyway back to the reason I originally started this post.

It’s the classic story of lust-at-first-sight that eventually becomes True Love. I’m a sucker for it. Especially considering the whole Cinderella aspect of the story.

Dylan is, or should I say was, a billionaire playboy when he noticed Leigha from across the bar of his swanky hotel. How totally realistic… This leads to several steamy moments between the pair.

Leigha’s family kind of sucks, her sisters are just awful people. But Dylan handles them quite well. Her mom wasn’t terrible, but she could’ve done way more to prevent the sisters from wanting to tear apart Leigha.

But, why oh why, did there have to be such an awful character, that would be Steven. Seriously, he’s the worst. I’ve read a lot in my very short life, and never, not once, have I ever read a character more awful than Steven. And involving the Russian Mob into this book, interesting… I wonder how that will play out in the following books.

Okay, back to Dylan. He’s just such a complex character. When the books were in his POV, we saw different sides of him: angry, concerned, intrigued, etc.  There was definitely a bigger character arc for Dylan than there was for Leigha. Although Leigha did become more confident in a matter of days. DAYS, that’s how long it took them to fall in love. I guess anything is possible. Too bad it was almost spoiled by that awful Steven, who’s name isn’t really Steven. Don’t think I didn’t catch onto that untied string in the plot.

I enjoyed reading this novel so much. With it’s various twist, turns and everything in between, what’s there not to love. And that ending!!!!!!!!!! It really made my hopeless romantic heart very happy. I give it two-thumbs-up and hope you consider adding this novel to your reading list.


If you’ve read or are currently reading this book, comment your thoughts down below. And don’t forget to follow for more book reviews.


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