Drake Unrestrained by S.E. Lund

There isn’t much to say for this novel so let’s just get started.


Drake Morgan, MD, Neurosurgeon, bass player, philanthropist – Dominant.

He doesn’t do girlfriends, he doesn’t do sleepovers, and he certainly doesn’t do breakfast in bed the morning after. He has his surgical slate at New York Presbyterian, he has a charitable foundation providing surgical tools to hospitals in Africa, he has his Brit Invasion cover band, Mersey, and he has his secret life as a Dominant in Manhattan’s BDSM community.

Into bondage, D/s and the occasional dungeon scene, Drake keeps every part of his life separate, the divisions between them neat and tidy. His weeks are filled with surgeries, music and D/s sex, and none of the well-planned and scheduled parts of his life intersect.

That is until Kate McDermott crosses his path and screws everything up.

Now, nothing is neat and tidy anymore, for Drake is smitten and things are going to get messy…

Drake Restrained is a novella in the Unrestrained Series, which explores the early days of the relationship between Drake and Kate from Drake’s point of view.

-Via Goodreads


So basically this is supposed to be a novella for the Unrestrained Series, but who am I kidding, it can be a whole series all by itself. This is the first book in the Drake series. It’s basically Unrestrained as seen through Drake Morgan’s eyes. Since I have already reviewed it’s counterpart, The Agreement, I won’t bore you with the same details.

It’s actually very entertaining reading Drake and Judge McDermott plot behind Kate’s back. Actually it’s hilarious, but hey that’s just my opinion. And getting to learn more about Drake makes me love him more as a character.

While I did have a slight problem with Drake being a little too pushy, that isn’t my biggest pet peeve with this particular novel. I get that Drake is the older, more educated man that Kate has fallen for, but was it absolutely necessary for the word “for” to be used so continuously? I found it kind of irritating, but that’s just me.

Other than that, I enjoyed this novel and hope you will too.


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