Into the Fire by E.L. Todd

Okay, I admit it. I’m addicted to Amazon. I mean come on they have a bunch of free books. Not only that but my addiction to Facebook now advertises Amazon books. This was one of those which was just released today, the 30th of January. I’ve already finished it. Let’s get this party started.



Despite everything I’ve done for my parents, I’ll never be good enough for them. Instead of seeing a man to be proud of, they just see an embarrassment. I served four tours in Afghanistan but that doesn’t mean anything to them. They only see the ink, the party life, and my short stint in jail.

And nothing else.

When they were in trouble, I handed over my life savings. I didn’t think twice about it because they’re my family, my blood. They raised me to be my own man and gave me everything I needed. It didn’t matter that it was every penny I had. It didn’t matter that the money was set aside for my future. My dreams.

Because they needed me.

But now they refuse to pay me back until I become the man they think I should be.


I have an unusual professional.

I escort men, acting as their date to family functions or work parties. It’s my job to act deeply in love with my client. And I always nail it.

But it’s not what you think.

I’m not a prostitute.
I’m not a call girl.
I’m an actress.
Get it right.

There are strict rules when it comes to my profession. There is no touching, kissing, or anything but hand-holding. Those who choose not to comply will get a swift kick in the nuts.

But all this goes to hell when Ash walks into my life. (via Goodreads)


I honestly had no expectations for this book. But when I read the description on Amazon and Goodreads, I thought it seemed pretty interesting. It was that and so much more. I laughed very often. Ash is just one of those outlandish characters that will make you laugh consistantly.

Not only was it funny, it was also very romantic at certain point. So-much-so that I couldn’t help but awe.

Todd attempted to have a very entertaining dynamic between the two lovebirds and their point-of-views. I say she nailed it, but then it’s just one person’s opinion.

But in complete sincerity though, the characters are a bit out there. An escort who has a hard time trusting. But she’s not a typical “escort”, or in other words, a prostitute a la Pretty Woman. No, she’s not that. She’s more like an actress, pretending to be a guys partner because they need some kind of companion to certain events. Regardless, it’s hilarious how she gets offended every time Ash refers to the typical definition of “escort” .

Ash, on the other hand, doesn’t get offended easily. He’s so crude yet he speaks the truth. He’s quite the charmer. He is also a walking contradiction. I would totally date him.

Needless to say, I totally recommend this book. It’s easy to follow. There’s romance and comedy. All in all a good book


If you’ve read or are currently reading this book, comment your thoughts down below. And don’t forget to follow for more book reviews.


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