Santa, Baby by Lisa Renee Jones

Well, that was a fun read. Im officially obsessed with Lisa Renee Jones’s writing. This is a reprint of the original novel that was published in 2009.


A sexy, sassy Cinderella style holiday story with a millionaire hero who finally meets the woman of his dreams. And he’ll do anything for her! 210 pages. Previously published with Harlequin Blaze.
Sometimes a good girl needs to be naughty. When bookshop owner Caron Avery dresses up as Marilyn Monroe for a charity ball, she decides that for once in her life she’ll let her inhibitions go. Before she knows it, Caron is living a night of fantasy with sexy millionaire Baxter Remington in hot pursuit.And what a night it is.
Sizzling, red-hot, and sensual, Baxter can’t believe he’s fallen under the adorable blonde’s…er…brunette’s spell. But with the scandal going on in his life, he knows he should let her go before she gets caught up in it, too. Then again – maybe one more night (or eight!) of mind-blowing passion will help them both forget. (via Amazon)


This was such a fun book to read. There were so many funny moments I’ve officially lost count. But while some parts were all fun and games, it wasn’t without its serious moments.

Between the scandal surrounding Baxter’s company and Sarah pressuring Caron to be an informant, at one point being caught by Baxter, I was never sure of what was going to happen.

It was a tiny bit difficult to keep up because it changed who the book was following, between Baxter, Caron, Sarah, and Josie. And before you think, “this is about four people?!” It is not. Ultimately the story focuses on Caron and Baxter, but occasionally we read about what’s going on with Sarah. And Josie is only mentioned twice, in the prologue and epilogue. 

Anyway, there were some moments where I wanted to kick Baxter’s butt and others where I thought he was the smoothest dude ever. 

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, the three couples that make up this book really made my day.

While I normally have very little to say about an author’s writing, I talk about the story or the characters more often than not, I had a few issues with this particular novel by this author.

There wasn’t much of a character arch for the main characters. Sure Sarah had a huge change by the end, but still I wish the story could have gone on a little longer. That’s my biggest complaint, it isn’t long enough and it kind of just left me wondering about their future.

While I did enjoy this novel, I wish there was more. You hear that Ms Jones, please write a follow up for Caron and Baxter!!!!

I hope you enjoy this novel almost as much as I did.


If you’ve read or are currently reading this book, comment your thoughts down below. And don’t forget to follow for more book reviews.


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