The Temptation Trap by Alexa Wilder

This novel is beyond insane! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you Alexa Wilder for creating this very crazy world that I’ve come to enjoy very much. And as a warning, I will be cursing on occasion during this post.


The Temptation Trap, Alexa Wilder’s long-awaited follow-up to The Wedding Rescue and The Courtship Maneuver, is finally available as a complete series. For the first time you can read all five books in one volume!
Emma Wright is in over her head. Three months ago her life was perfect: amazing job, shiny new MBA, great friends. When her job turns into a nightmare overnight, Emma feels like her life is going down the tubes. The only bright spot is her hot new boyfriend. He’s the man of her wildest dreams; sexy, smart, sweet, and a master of her body between the sheets. He can’t seem to get enough of her full-figured curves, so it’s too bad she’s starting to think he’s keeping dangerous secrets.

Axel Sinclair likes control. At work, at home, in bed. He gets what he wants, and he never loses. Not until he meets Emma Wright, and she turns his well-ordered life upside down. Emma was supposed to be a job – getting his hands all over her luscious body was only a bonus. Before he knows it, Axel is in deep.

Axel is sure Emma’s guilty as hell. Can he do his job and bring her down? Or will he follow his heart and claim her for his own?

Emma Wright was becoming a problem. She was supposed to be a job. An easy job. Get close to her, find evidence that she was selling confidential data to a competitor. Get paid a ton of money. How hard could it be? She was the head of Human Resources at a shipping company, not Mata Hari. This kind of thing was the bread and butter of Sinclair Security. I figured I’d take the meeting and pass the case to one of my guys. Then I got a good look at Emma Wright. Fiery red hair, creamy skin, abundant curves, and clear blue eyes with a wicked glint. She was irresistible. Luscious, soft, and more than a handful in all the right places. The moment I saw her picture, I knew I’d be handling her myself. Sleeping with the suspect wasn’t usually my MO, but in this case, I was prepared to make an exception. Normally, my approach was to get the evidence, give it to the client, close the case, and cash the check. Not with Emma. Getting her into bed wasn’t the hard part. Neither was pretending to be her lover. But Emma was tricky. She was smart. Funny. Gorgeous. And surprisingly kinky. Deliciously kinky. I’d never admit it, but it’s possible I was taking my time on the case just to have an excuse to keep her in my bed.

-Via GoodReads


I literally just finished this novel, not even an hour ago and I’m still reeling from how insane this novel was. There was so much that happened. AND IT’S NOT EVEN THAT LONG OF A NOVEL.

So clearly, I’ve missed a book between The Wedding Rescue and The Temptation Trap. There must have been way more drama with the Russian mob from The Wedding Rescue. More on that later… In case you were wondering, this is one of those recently popular erotic novels, although there is a lot, and I mean A LOT of drama.

Between a rogue FBI agent, the leader of the Russian mob, her skeevy boss, and Axel Sinclair, Emma has a HUGE problem on her hands. It’s a legit problem. Emma, I feel, keeps the story going, more so than Axel. Which would make sense since most of the drama is surrounding her life. Who knew being an HR manager could lead to such a crazy week.

There is so much going on it’s difficult for me to focus on one particular thing so forgive me because I will be jumping around with my thoughts.

Axel’s character is upsetting. During his POV, as Adam, he says he has a thing for Emma but then he goes and doesn’t believe her. Like, who do you think you are? Hello!! Listen to her explanation. But no. Knowing what Axel does for a living, I guess it’s obvious he’d react a certain way, but that is not okay whatsoever.

And her boss… guy gives everyone the creeps. Even Axel says he felt something was off ever since he took the case. Seriously, who told you not to follow your instincts? I really want to know, because ya messed up one too many times.

All is forgiven though, because after Axel realizes that he messed up he tries to fix everything. Not to mention his actions in the end. And that is all I’m saying because I’ll start spoiling things and we really don’t want that.

All in all, I had such a fun time reading this. And the cameos in this book are forever my favorite thing. I highly recommend this novel and Alexa Wilder’s work. And in case you were wondering about The Wedding Rescue, I have a review for that as well.


If you’ve read or are currently reading this book, comment your thoughts down below. And don’t forget to follow for more book reviews.


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