Stockholm Syndromance by Ada Scott

Whoa…. that’s all I have to say. No seriously, I don’t really know what to make of this novel.


He doesn’t have to keep me tied up, but I hope he does…


My father kept me locked away from the world, my only purpose in life was to stand in the background while he campaigned for President, or to be sold like a slave to cement his old alliances as a Mafia hitman. All I’ve ever known was his contempt and my loneliness.

Then my deepest darkest fantasy kicked my door down and dragged me off into the night.

He’s the first person I ever met who wasn’t afraid of my father. He’s a machine of war, and he’s making me so… damn… hot.


The contract is simple: abduct the daughter of Jace Barlow’s nemesis and deliver her safely.

I’m a professional. She’s off limits… but this chick is the hottest kind of crazy. I never met a woman who could take everything I had to give and beg for more, and now I’m dangerously close to addicted.

I need to concentrate on keeping us alive before her father’s goons, the Feds, the cops or the biker gang catch up with us, but the way she licks my gun has me thinking maybe nothing else matters if I can’t have her wrapped around me forever.

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This book was seriously insane. First of all, it’s not really Stockholm’s because she willingly left with him and then she came onto him.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, poor Eliana. What a horrible way to go through life. Being stuck doing just what her father wants her to do, and soon to be married off to improve his “business”, all she wanted was adventure. And it sucks that she had to be “kidnapped” for her to finally feel free.

Either way, this girl is seriously intense…like really, on the back of a motorcycle, with a stranger who took you? Um, I guess whatever floats your boat. Seriously this girl is beyond kinky, which matches Eric so I guess it’s fine.

And poor Eric. All he was trying to do is his job and Eliana has to go and complicate things for him. SMH, as many of my fellow millennials would say; in other words this was just a ridiculous situation for both of them but it was hilarious to read.

I hope you enjoy it as well!


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