Possession by Helen Hardt

Book three, last one in Talon and Jade’s story. But hey, the story still continues with Jonah.


Editorial Reviews

“Sorry Christian and Gideon, there’s a new heartthrob for you to contend with. Meet Talon. Talon Steel.”

“Possession brings Talon Steel’s story to a conclusion, wrapping up a thrilling mystery intertwined with some amazingly hot sex scenes… the buildup to the protagonists discovery keeps the pages moving at a rapid-fire pace. ”
-RT Book Reviews

“I’m dead from the strongest book hangover ever. Helen exceeded every expectation I had for this book. It was heart pounding, heartbreaking, intense, full throttle genius. ”
-Tina at Bookalicious Babes Blog

“WOAH. Helen Hardt has truly blown me away with this series. It is dark, emotional, intense, horrifying, and utterly beautiful all mixed together. ”
-Pretty Little Book Reviews

“Such a beautiful torment – the waiting, the anticipation, the relief that only comes briefly before more questions arise, and the wait begins again… Check. Mate. Ms. Hardt…”
-Bare Naked Words

“The love scenes are beautifully written and so scorching hot I’m fanning my face just thinking about them.”
-The Book Sirens

Jade Roberts’s love for Talon Steel is the real deal, and she’s more determined than ever to help him come to grips with whatever is haunting him. To that end, she continues her investigation of the Steels…and unknowingly attracts some dangerous foes from their shrouded history.

Talon loves Jade deeply and longs to possess her forever, so he faces his worst fears and exposes his rawest wounds in an attempt to heal. The road is icy and treacherous, but if he perseveres and comes out whole on the other side, he’ll finally be worthy of Jade’s love.

The untamed passion between the two still blazes, but as the horrors of Talon’s past resurface, Jade and Talon aren’t safe…

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Like I said, this is the last part of this story being told by Jade and Talon. The rest of it will be from Jonah and his love interest, as well as Ryan and his.

If you need a recap, please go and take a look at Craving and Obsession. So here we go.

These two have clues left and right, but they haven’t been able to look at the bigger picture to figure out who those three were. Until final, they realize they do know one of them. But it’s too late because he is missing.

Honestly, a lot happens in this novel, and half of it is shocking. I was gasping a whole lot of the time because I pieced it together before these two. And then there was the issue of Jade and her mother. Talon’s therapy seems to be helping and Marjorie still doesn’t really know what to do.

But the plot does thicken when a few more characters are introduced and then some just disappear. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? I’m definitely left wanting to know more. And thank goodness the story does continue after this because there are so many loose ends, I’m beginning to wonder if six more books are enough to tie everything up.

I seriously hope you enjoy this novel and the ride it takes you on.

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