Indebted Epilogue by Pepper Winters

Thank goodness for this epilogue, otherwise I may have been beside myself just because I wanted to know what happened after the end of Final Debt.


New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today Bestselling Dark Romance Series.

INDEBTED EPILOGUE is a bonus book to be read after:
Debt Inheritance
First Debt
Second Debt
Third Debt
Fourth Debt
Final Debt

“Life after death…love after debts…is it possible after so much pain?”

No information will be given so no spoilers are slipped, but if you enjoyed the Indebted Series, you’ll want to read this final edition.

-via Goodreads


What I really enjoyed about this epilogue is that it doesn’t just stay in one time. It does several time jumps and switches narrators. It’s actually pretty cool.

There’s a wedding, and children, and more talk of the future. Nila’s family is slowly getting used to her being with Jethro, and the long-lost sister is finally found.

So this wasn’t really much of a novel. It was more like a quick short story or novella. Definitely a quick read. And it had so many endearing moments I was in heaven.

There isn’t much more to say unless you want spoilers. I hope you enjoyed the Indebted series.

And with that I will take my leave.

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